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I spent this past weekend at the Otakon Convention in Baltimore, and was just too busy the week beforehand with sewing the rest of my cosplays, so I only saw all my lovely new comments today once I got back. THANK YOU ALL, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH <3<3<3<3<3


It was beautiful, and so many feels, and omg these guys seriously look that pretty in real life too, ITS NOT JUST THE CAMERAS!!

It was this awesome rookie group, VIXX, and they did an AMAZING job for their live performance (especially considering that they only actually have too songs in their debut mini XD).
They were also really excited to see how many fans had come to see them. I think they were only expecting a handful of legit fans, not a whole hall of fans going crazy with the chants and trying to rush to the front during the encore. I got the CD and signatures from all six members (who tried so hard to talk to us in adorable Engrish <3), and then went to the really fun Q&A session the next day.

Ok, fangirling over my new fav. rookie group is now done.  :D

I'll get back to finishing the new chapter of a Brilliant Plan this week. I should be done by Saturday. (If you don't see an update by Sunday, start poking me so that I stop procrastinating again XD).
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DISCLAIMER: No I do not own anything relating to Kim Kyu Jong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Hyung Jun, or SS501. This is not for profit. 

My Precious One

“Why can’t you be like all the other stars?”

You mutter angrily to yourself under your breath as you watch your boyfriend slowly pack up his room. He looks up at you sitting on his bed, confusion spreading across his face as he debates where to place the decorative bookend gifted to him by a fan last year. “Huh? Sorry, what did you say?”

Annoyed, you raise your voice higher than necessary.  “How many other idols have pushed off their enlistment until a time it suited them best? I don’t get why you have to be such a do-gooder and go right now!” Kyu Jong sighed. “_____ you know very well why I’m going now. We’ve been over this already.”  He picked up a stuffed bear and the accompanying letter another fan had sent him years ago and looked at it fondly before putting both in the respective box. “See! None of your fans want you to go either! You would do well to respect their wishes.”

Kyu Jong laughed. “_____ if I did absolutely everything my fans wanted, I would have to create thousands of clones in order to be with them 24/7.” He stepped over a pile of clothes to come stand in front of you. “But that will never happen now will it?” He bent down to look into your eyes directly, “Unless of course you’re suddenly ok with sharing me now?” He smirked knowing that he had, yet again, won the argument. “Now get off your butt and help me pack all this!”


It took the rest of the morning, but between the two of you, the majority of the excess things in Kyu Jong’s room were safely packed into boxes, and ready to be placed into storage for the next two years. “When are the movers coming again?” “Next week,” he replied, “on the 21st.” “So that gives us four days to pack up the bathroom, the living room, and the kitchen?” “Yup!” His tone was far too chipper for your liking. Looking around the apartment, you knew it would not be as easy as he liked to make it out to be.

Groaning in almost mock despair, you plop onto the couch in the living room. He sits down next to you and rests his hand on your shoulder. You let your head fall onto his shoulder and take in his familiar warmth. His arm comes up to play with your hair, and the two of you simply sit there, taking in the changes around you.

You come to the realization that this is what you’re going to miss the most, these rare moments of quiet. With his schedule being so busy, the time you had together was always short and far in between. But the best memories together were always the ones where you simply got the chance to sit together and talk about each other’s day, or sometimes, not even talk at all. Just being next to him, hearing his steady heart beat, and taking in his warm and comforting scent.

Suddenly it hits you that it would be two whole years until you get to feel this peaceful again, your eyes get misty, and the tears threaten to spill. Kyu Jong notices when you shift, trying to rub your eyes dry. He lifts your face by your chin and his lips curve into the gentle smile that you love so much. A few drops of salty tears escape from your eyes and begin spilling down your face. He wipes them away with his thumb and places a soft kiss on your forehead.

“You know what, before we get started on this room, why don’t we go out for some coffee huh?” He pushes your bangs back from your face, “how about that new place you were talking about the other day?”  You return his smile and nod in agreement.


The café is quiet and nearly empty when the both of you arrive, the lunch rush having just finished. Kyu Jong orders your usual cappuccino and a café freggo for himself; once the drinks are ready the two of you sit in a secluded corner booth.

“Oooh, your cappuccino smells really good, can I have some?” “Yah, Kyu Jong-ah! If you wanted this you should have just ordered it!” you playfully scold him, whilst trying to keep the steaming cup out of his hands. But you know it’s hopeless in the end. He widens his eyes, his eyebrows slant together, and his lower lip puffs out in the perfect pout. You laugh, knowing you could never have turned him down in the first place, not once he pulls out that face anyway.  Holding out the cup, you allow him to take a sip. After taking a large gulp he flashes you his beautiful smile. You laugh upon seeing all the milk foam he managed to get onto his face, a large white mustache marring his perfect features. Instead of wiping it off himself, Kyu Jong juts his chin forward, playfully demanding that you clean it up for him.

In this way the two of you whittle away the afternoon together. Sometimes it’s best to simply live in the moment, and enjoy your time together. Between his sweet smiles and your aching cheeks, the two of you temporarily escape into a bubble of laughter and love.


Miraculously, and with loads of help from his family, the entirety of Kyu Jong’s apartment was in fact ready in time on the morning of the 21st. Once the movers had arrived, you returned home to get some much needed rest. Late that afternoon, you were stepping out of the shower when the phone rang. Hurrying to dry your hands off, you grin when the caller ID says it’s your boyfriend.

“Hi _____! How are you feeling? Still tired?”

“Nah, I took a nap earlier. How about you? Are the movers gone?”

“Yup, they left a little while ago. The place looks so strange all empty like this. Actually, it’s kind of terrifying being in here all alone. Thank goodness I’m staying with Dad tonight. I’d probably die from nightmares if I had stayed here.”

You chuckle at his childishness. “Exactly how can a grown man be afraid of his own house?”

“Coming from the grown woman who still sleeps with a nightlight!”

Both of you begin to laugh at the same time knowing it was futile to try and be serious. Once the giggles finally relent, Kyu Jong recalls why he called you in the first place. “There’s a new little traders’ market near my place that I wanted to check out before I leave. Do you want to come with?” Never wanting to miss a chance to spend time with him, you hurriedly agree, but not before taking a stab at him in return.

“Yes, because it’s always a smart idea to buy more stuff when you’ve just finished packing up all your junk.”

“Yah! It’s not junk!”

“No, no of course it isn’t. Old broken yo-yos are an extremely important portion of your collection.”


At the market, Kyu Jong is even more energetic than usual. He pulls you from stall to stall, playing with every interesting little toy or craft piece that catches his eye. You’re also certain you’ll wake up ten kilos heavier tomorrow from all the treats and snacks he’s managed to stuff down your throat. His smile grows bigger and his actions more exaggerated every time he manages to make you smile or laugh at his antics. Near the end of the alley, a flower shop coats the surrounding air with a lovely fragrance.

The two of you roam through the aisles, stopping to point out or sniff a unique or especially beautiful bloom. You photograph his attempts to make funny poses with almost every flower in sight. In the back of the store, a little seating arrangement was created in front a tall rack lined with different bouquet designs, presumably made for a wedding party.

Kyu goes up to the rack and starts pulling out various bouquets. He holds each one up to your face before replacing them on the shelf. “Kyu Jong-ah, what are you doing?” You sneeze as a particularly potent flower dusts pollen all over your face.  He continues his search once the two of you have managed to wipe most of it off your face.

“I am trying to figure out which one looks best.”

“Yes, well I can see that, but why, I think, is the more important question here.”

He finally settles on a simple bouquet consisting entirely of soft, beautiful pink roses. He holds it out to you, and you take in the sweet and unforgettable scent. “This is it. Make sure to remember it ok?” You look up at him, confused by his suddenly serious tone. “But what is it for Kyu? I don’t under---” He cuts you off midsentence.

“It’s for our wedding of course silly!” He places the bouquet back on the shelf.

“We-wed-wedding!” You sputter incredulously. You’re frozen in shock, your heart is pounding in your ears; but still you’re certain no oxygen must be getting to your brain because surely, you’ve forgotten how to breathe.

Kyu Jong smiles at your shocked expression. You’re about to start pelting him with questions when he grabs your hand and pulls you out of the shop. Taking a left at the entrance, he then crosses to the other side of the lane. You find yourself in front of a small jewelry stand at the very end of the market. He says something to the shop lady, and she pulls out a small box from behind the counter. He opens it for you, and inside are two beautiful matching silver rings, each with a sparkling crystal set in the middle.

Kyu pulls the smaller of the two rings out of the box and gently holds up your left hand. “This ring is my promise to you. I will return to you in two years time, and when I do, I’ll replace it with a wedding ring. Until then, you can never take it off ok?” He slips it onto your ring finger. The light falls on you hand as you lift it to take a closer look, and the crystal sparkles brilliantly in the afternoon sunlight.

You take his ring out of the box and place it on his ring finger as well. “This ring is my promise to wait for you until you return. I will never stop loving you. You are my one and only, Kim Kyu Jong.” You look up to see that his eyes have begun to mist over as well. Standing together on the sidewalk, hands intertwined, the two of you stare into each other’s eyes, engraving this moment onto your hearts.


Leaning back on the wooden bench, you stare at the clouds passing by overhead. Incredibly, the rain which the weatherman threatened about earlier this morning seemed to be holding off. Instead only small patches of clouds marred the surface of the brilliant blue sky overhead. You couldn’t have wished for a more beautiful setting for your very last date with Kyu Jong, before his enlistment tomorrow afternoon.

Once again you feel yourself falling into that dark place, so instead you try to distract your mind with the scenery. This park that Kyu Jong picked truly is stunning. Situated at the base of the northern mountains which surround the edge of the city, the entire area is made of beautiful gardens and walking paths against a back drop of large green mountains.

A slight movement catches your attention from the left. Turning your head you catch your breath when you see Kyu Jong slowly making his way up the path. He seems unusually solemn as he stares off over the distance.

“Kyu Jong-ah!” He turns at the sound of your voice, and the glazed expression is instantly replaced by his usual bright smile. He waves excitedly before rushing to your side. “_____ you got here so early!”

“Yeah, I didn’t want to lose a second, so I ended up leaving home way early.” In fact you had showered and dressed in record time, and managed to get here half an hour earlier than planned.

“Waaah, so nice! I wish you would have done that every time, I may never have had to wait all alone!”

“Yah! That was only that one time!” Pretending to be annoyed by his teasing you reach up to hit his arm but he grabs your wrist instead. Before you can protest he leans down and places a quick peck on your lips. Smirking, he says, “And that always works to keep you quiet.” Laughing at your pouting face, he takes your hand and drags you into the main gardens.

The two of you spend the entire day together, wandering along the trails. The best thing about Kyu Jong was how you could be doing absolutely nothing, or talking about nothing that mattered, yet it still felt more meaningful than all the ‘important’ things you did in your normal day to day life. For lunch the two of you picnicked next to a stream that meandered through a field at the bottom of a small hill. In the afternoon you discover a small playground, and spying the swing set near the edge, you two immediately set off on a race to see who can swing the highest. It was incredibly childish, but that was the beauty of it.

When the swings start to creak too loudly, you decide to slow down, lest the two of you manage to actually break the small thing. Holding hands, you and Kyu Jong slowly rock back and forth. He starts to hum one of his old songs, one of your favourites, and you immediately start to sing a long softly.

“La la la la la, neol bu reu noraega ireon noreaga, la la la la la,”

“La la la la la, neol bu reu noraega ireon noreaga, la la la la la.”

Suddenly, he jumps up and starts to sing obnoxiously loud as he once again performs his famous “butt dance” directly in front of you. Laughing and clapping along you hoot and holler at all the right places. At the end he pulled you up and spun you in a big circle, but you nearly trip over your own feet and he pulls you into his chest in order to keep you from falling off the top of the hill. The two of you stand there laughing like maniacs until almost all the air has left your lungs.

Tired from playing around Kyu Jong decides to lay out the picnic blanket again and take a nap in the open field nearby. He also decides to use your lap as his pillow. Chuckling at his cuteness, you decide to lay back and read a book. After about an hour of this your legs begin to fall asleep due to the lack of circulation. Sitting up you try to wake him, but he keeps pretending to sleep even as you both know he was wide awake. Hoping to shock him into opening his eyes, you lean down and gently press your lips against his. Feeling his breath catch, and his lips curve into a smile, you know you’ve accomplished your mission. Pulling you open your eyes and see Kyu Jong smiling up at you.

“Hmm, I could definitely get used to waking like that every morning.” He laughs when your cheeks flush, and you try to cover your embarrassment. Pulling your hands away from your face he grabs you by the back of your neck and pulls your head down to continue the kiss.


You’re back at the wooden bench near the entrance when it hits you. Tomorrow, not even 24 hours from now he’ll be gone. Turning, you see Kyu about to leave the park, but before he can make it to the gate, you run up behind him, and wrap your arms around his waist. You hold him with all your might, hoping that you can keep him by your side forever. “Please Kyu Jong, please don’t leave me.” You loosen your grip so he can turn around. But he stays with his back to you. Worried, you walk around him, but when you see his face your heart stops.

Tears were streaming down Kyu Jong’s face.

You gently cup his face, trying to subtly wipe the tears off his face. He leans his head into your hands before finally taking his eyes off the ground. Suddenly he pulls you into his arms, crushing you to his chest.

“I didn’t want you to see this,” he whispers into your ears. “I wanted to fill these last few days with happy memories, so we could both have something to hold on to for the next two years.”

You realise that was the reason he kept trying to make you smile or laugh every minute the two of you spent together for the past few days.  You had been wondering why he hadn’t seemed melancholy at all about having to leave his home, his friends, and his career that he loved. It was all so that you wouldn’t cry.

Too bad you were already sobbing.


The next day, everything happens faster than you ever thought possible. One moment you were in the hair salon while Kyu got his hair shaved into the customary crew cut, and the next everyone had already arrived in Jeonju, Joella-do, at the enlistment hall. He went to meet the hundreds of fans who had arrived from all over Korea, and even from Japan and other far off places in Asia, to see him off. You did cry a little when you saw all of them gathered in the heat, because you understood perfectly how much all of them meant to Kyu Jong. They all take a very special place in his heart, and thanks to their support and love you know that he was able to get through the hardest times in his life.

You were especially happy when Young Saeng oppa and Hyung Jun oppa came to say goodbye as well. You were an avid SS501 fan of course, and hearing them greet everyone together again warmed your heart.  Inside the private hall Kyu Jong slowly hugs everyone goodbye after he changes into his uniform. The green camouflage coupled with his suddenly short hair look so foreign to you, and it takes everything inside to keep from crying all over again. You had promised him yesterday that you would smile him. You didn’t want the last image he had of you to be of tears.

He faces you last, and gently pulls you into his arms. You take deep breaths to help calm your heart. His scent surrounds you, and his familiar heart beat gives you strength. Holding him tighter, you try and convey some of that strength back to him.  “Stay strong ok? Be safe and keep smiling.” You look up into his sweet face, and continue to try and show him what was in your heart. “I’ll wait for you forever. Sarangheyo Kim Kyu Jong.”

He lifts your hand and kisses the ring he gave you.

“I love you too _____. I’ll come back for you, my precious one.”


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I forgot to put this as part of the Author's Note ... and looking back it's probably best that I don't simply because then the note might actually be bigger than the actual chapter! >.<' Its such a short chapter and I always hate that but there you go, my mind doesn't want to come up with a reasonable way to connect this to the next section...  blegh

Anyways, the story came to me when I read an old July prompt on gyonggo (I think it was from 2008?) which said "Dongsaengs team up to get revenge on the members that torture them the most." Or something along those lines anyways.

So I thought about it, because doing just a simple little ot5 story seemed a great way to remember all the reasons why I love SS501 in the first place, and came up with an idea of what Hyung Jun and Jung Min would do to the others (not going to say what otherwise it'll totally ruin the next chapter XD). 

As far as the setting went, it totally came up out of the blue, but it works perfectly with what I had in mind. It's set in 2007 when the group is in Japan shooting The Mission variety show and promoting their Kokoro Japanese single. I decided that Hyung Jun was getting revenge on the others for the hidden camera trick they had pulled for his birthday two weeks ago. It actually happens on the night of Aug. 3rd, since the show was shot beforehand so that it would air on his actual birthday. If you want to see the hidden camera again (or if, you've absolutely no idea what I'm talking about here are the links (ENG SUB!! <3): Part 1 N Part 2 )

For some reason, the wording seems a little awkward at times, which may be why my mind is so fixated on this and can't move forward... Or it just might be the fact that Kyu Jong's leaving in 5 days and I just don't know how I'm going to get through the next 2 years like this... 

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own SS501, if I did do you really think I'd be sitting here creying about how long it's going to be until their proper ot5 comeback? Right, thought so.
Also, if I actually made any money off of these fanfics, it would all be put towards buying SS501 merchandise, albums and most importantly, concert tickets. 
A/N: Sorry this is so super short, but I've been getting stuck on how to take this to the next part I have planned out so I decided to just post a little preview chapter, to get some feedback on what I can make better. Also, excuse the Japanese, I think I used about 6 out the 10 words I actually know in Japanese for this. 

A Brilliant Plan
Chapter One: Things Go Astray

 “Gomen nasai, demo, wakarimasen!”

 The petite girl looked up at the tall stranger apologetically, trying to convey with her eyes what her mouth could not. The boy sighed in defeat as he realized that his brief education in the Japanese language was obviously not enough to communicate his desires. He was about to simply apologise and give up on his plans when a familiar voice spoke up from behind him .

“Kim Hyung Jun, exactly what are you doing back here?”

The aforementioned Hyung Jun cringed in fear. Even for the ordinary passerby the position he was in, cornering their somewhat beleaguered waitress in an empty corridor far away from the main part of the restaurant, looked pretty suspicious, but having been found in such a compromising situation by none other than ‘Hitler’ meant he was in for a world of hurt. Best plan? Just try and laugh it off. And pray that the older boy hadn’t heard too much.

Hyung Jun whipped around and flashed his fellow member a brilliant smile. “Ah, Jung Min hyung!! Thank goodness you came! I was trying to ask where the restrooms were.” The younger boy attempted to chuckle as he nervously the ruffled his hair. “I guess I should’ve paid more attention in lessons ha ha …” He dropped his gaze to the ground, but he could still feel the taller boy’s eyes boring into his head.

On the other hand, Park Jung min was laughing maniacally inside his head.  He gleefully contemplated all the ways he was going to torture the younger boy about this incident for the next few days. After some thought however he decided to see what Hyung Jun was attempting to do before choosing his course of action. Perhaps there was a way to twist the situation.

The taller boy scoffed in disbelief at Hyung Jun’s obvious lie. “Obviously you need to spend the entirety of next week in lessons if you really believe the words for bathroom are ‘sake’ and ‘mizu’.” Seeing the young boy squirming under his gaze and desperately attempting to find an escape route caused his lips to curve up in his patented evil smirk. The best part of this whole situation was the hapless waitress watching in almost fearful confusion as the two tall, Korean men continued to keep her trapped in the small hallway.  

Eventually Hyung Jun realized that it was hopeless and decided to tell Jung Min about his almost brilliant plan for revenge. Jung Min listened in surprise at the maknae’s simple, yet effective plan to get back at the hyungs for bringing him to two weeks ago.  “Waaah, you wanted to get manager hyung wasted too? Damn that’s pretty gutsy Hyung Jun-ah.” “It really would have made the perfect blackmail material…” Hyung Jun trailed off, bemoaning the loss of what almost was.

“But, honestly Hyung Jun, you do know that the hyungs would simply steal the videos back when you were busy. The whole thing would only last so long.” Jung Min paused as he considered his words. Suddenly, he knew exactly what they should do. He turned to Hyung Jun, a truly evil smile stretching across his face.


* Just in case you wanted to know, 
Gomen nasai: Sorry (polite form)
demo: but
Wakarimasen: I don't understand
Sake: Japanese rice wine
Mizu: Water

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I've been watching Shinhwa broadcast and different performances they did during the Venus comeback promotions, (especially this performance of two of their old hits, Perfect Man and I Pray 4 U) and I can't help but imagine what SS501's comeback will be like.

I imagine I'll spend majority of my time in tears as I get to see all five of my boys on stage or on tv, together again, singing their hearts out or just having fun together. 


I miss their beautiful harmonies, and especially their acoustic performances when Leader would be sitting and playing his guitar while the others sang.

Shinhwa really reminds me of DoubleS in so many ways its not funny. Especially when the members start teasing each other, I miss seeing that and I can't wait till they return. I bet they'll have even more fun stories to share with us. 


Really, which TripleS doesn't miss that?

Sorry, this is another random post, and really just fangirl creys, but I had to get it off my chest. 



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So I make a pathetic little rant bemoaning the fact that no one has read my fanfic yet, and literally 2 minutes later I realise that no would even know it exists if I never posted on an actual fanfic community here on live journal >.>yesungfail

Right, so I did that, aaaaand now I'm going to go run away...

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Sigh, so its been like, 24 hours and no one's read my fanfiction, either here or on tumblr. Which really, shouldn't surprise me since I have no friends here on livejournal, and I'm guessing most of the people on tumblr that follow me aren't big fanfiction fans... I've never seen them reblog any fanfics, so really this wasn't a surprise at all. But still, I guess when you create something and release it into the wild, you have a small inkling of hope for some response, be it positive or negative. 

Either way, I'm still really happy with my fic and I think I'm going to keep writing. It's been a while and my fingers maybe stiff, but ideas are still rumbling around in my head, and if nothing else, its a way to pass the time. 

* * *

No one will probably ever read it but still, its ... almost mind-boggling that I actually managed to finish a story and was happy enough with it to actually bring it into the light. I don't exactly know how I'm feeling right now... happy? accomplished? anxious? Spazzing over the absolute cuteness of the fic itself? (Really, it's far more fluffy then I've ever written and I can't actually believe that I wrote it.)

But aside from all that, there was some important information I wanted to post about the fic itself. 

First off, the style: I've never written a kpop fic before. The ones I used to write years ago in high school were mainly Inuyasha and other anime fanfics. This is completely different from those (the main part being I'm now attempting to characterize a real life human being) and I tried to do Kim Hyung Jun, SS501's beloved maknae, as much justice as I can. But then again, I see him differently than other fans might so please, if you do read this, realise that this is all from my mind and has no correlation to what he really might be like. I decided to hold this from the 'reader's' POV because I've been reading these Super Junior fanfictions on tumblr, and I love the author's way of writing fics. (Actually if you like SuJu fanfics, especially the M-rated ones, go check them out they are fantastic!! www.superjunioroneshots.tumblr.com)

Secondly, the inspiration for the story: The idea for this came at 12:30 am when I was roaming the internet because I was too bored to fall asleep. One of the people I follow on tumblr is a brilliant human being and she creates these gif meme games, about different scenarios with kpop and jrock band mambers. GO CHECK HER OUT THEY ARE SO ADDICTIVE! XD Anyways, so I was playing this SS501 meme, about summer romance, and the situation that I got was the cutest/corniest thing ever. So it had to be written. It came out far more serious at times than the game itself, probably because I've never been that great at fluff, but still I think I did it justice. Go play it to see if you can figure out what I got. ;)

Finally, here's the link to the fanfiction itself.

Thanks so much for listening to my rambling!! <3

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* * *

DISCLAIMER: I do not know Kim Hyung Jun, nor do I own anything from him or the rest of SS501. Everything you see here is simply from my imagination and I aim to only bring a smile to your face, not make any monetary gain.

“Ay Gurl, can I has yo number?”
You look up at the stunningly handsome boy kneeling in front of you. His lips are bent in an arrogant smirk, and although his eyes are hidden by the dark glasses, you know he’s got that mischievous glint in his eyes.

Then you decide to scoop up some of the sand by your leg and immediately toss it onto his bare chest.

Hyung Jun squeals as he attempts to escape from the sudden attack, but only manages to lose his balance and fall backwards onto the large pile of sand he had built up.

“Yah! What was that for?”
“For thinking any girl would be desperate enough to fall for such a stupid line. And I’ll have you know, JinHi is far from that.” You then return to perfecting the turret you were attaching to the guard tower of your intricate sandcastle. Hyung Jun rights himself, and attempts to brush as much of the sand off his body as possible. Your brow furrows as you try to force yourself not to stare at his broad chest. It’s never a good idea to stare at your best friend’s perfect body for too long.

“___ what am I going to dooooooooo?” he whines as he tries to slap off some of the sand stuck to his back.
“Well Junnie, considering you’re at a beach, it’s sort of difficult to avoid getting covered in sand.” “You know that’s not what I’m talking about,” he finally gives up and returns to the bridge he was making over the moat.

“Oh you mean about the amazingly pretty Bae JinHi and the ever so obvious fact that you have absolutely ability to woo her?” You know you’re being a little more snarky today then you should be, but it’s hard to stop yourself. This was supposed to be a fun day with all of your friends to celebrate the start of a beautiful summer, during which you were going to spend all your time in the water or on the beach with your best friend, Kim Hyung Jun. Maybe you would have even allowed yourself to drool a little as he ran around in nothing but his swim trunks.

But instead, he decided to start crushing on your friend Jang Pil’s sister who had come along for the trip. And then badger you incessantly as he tried to find a way to overcome his strange shyness around pretty girls and ask her out.  Least to say you were going to spend A LOT of time making this the best sandcastle ever; and avoid going into the water with the rest of the group, just so you don’t ruin your entire day comparing your own looks to the veritable Victoria’s Secret model in her itsy bitsy bikini.

Hyung Jun looks surprised at your sudden mood, but being used to your varying emotions he decides to ignore it. Once you put the last touches on the roof, you look up at Hyung Jun again. He’s got a small pout on his face as he slowly adds more damp sand to make the bridge sturdier. You sigh in defeat and decide to actually give him real advice.

“You know, the best way to do this is to bring it about in the most natural way possible. Do some sort of activity together so you’ll have something to talk about. And if you say something funny, she’ll laugh and feel more comfortable.” His hands stop moving, and his brows furrow as he contemplates your words. You can see he’s taking them to heart, and you know he’ll probably spend the next few hours trying to come up with different scenarios.
“Thanks ___. I’ll do that… Do you mind being a guinea pig a little while longer?” You smile and shake your head, and he returns it with his dazzling grin.

The both of you continue with the castle and within an hour it’s finally finished. You’ve got to admit, it looks fantastic, and thankfully it’s far enough away from the water that even when the tide rises later it should still be there. The both of you look at each and smile, feeling ecstatic about finally getting to accomplish something that you’ve both wanted to do since you were kids. You hurriedly grab your camera and begin taking pictures of each other with your awesome creation. Finally you both lay down next to each other and watch as the rest of the group begins to unpack the sandwiches for lunch.

Hyung Jun turns his head towards you. “___?” You stare back, questioning.

“I’ll be the prince of this castle if you would be the princess.”

Your heart stops. What? Was he actually??? But…

Then you see the corners of his lips being to curl, and you realize that this was another one of his fake scenarios.

Both of you crack up. “That (laughter)… that was one (laughter) of the, no THE cheesiest pick up line I’ve ever heard!” Hyung Jun is on his side clutching his stomach in pain, and your laughing has degraded into shallow breaths as you attempt to remember how to breathe.

“Well I’m glad you’re finally in a better mood,” Hyung Jun manages to voice once his chest stops heaving. You smile broadly at him in return. “Thank you so much for always being such a good friend.”

You return to the shore after nightfall. By the light of the almost full moon you easily spot your castle to the right, as it casts a large shadow on the rest of the pale white sand. You sit aside it and stare off into the dark waters. The tide has risen considerably and the water now playfully nips at your toes. 

The rest of the afternoon was sadly not as enjoyable as you had wanted it to be. During lunch and afterwards Hyung Jun slowly started to make conversation with JinHi and eased out of his awkwardness. Because the amount of time you’ve spent with him, just goofing around and being your somewhat childish selves, you forget how cool and popular he really is. Hyung Jun has always been the outgoing and friendly type of person and making friends comes almost as easily to him as eating does to other people. Actually it was only thanks to him that you even had as many friends as you did now, since he brought you out of your shell as well. The only thing that he couldn’t do was make that first step in talking to a girl that he liked. But even that was apparently no longer a problem today.

As the evening progressed you could see that she liked him too. Not that you blame her, after all its hard not to like someone who's basically perfect. But even though you knew he could never be yours, it hurt to see this. He’s never really had a girlfriend in the past few years that you’ve known him, only a passing interest in the girls that he’s come across. This is the first time you’ve ever seen him go after a person so wholeheartedly and you knew that it meant the friendship that you’ve cherished for so long will change soon.

You look at the sand castle on your right. “It seems like you’re going to be losing your prince soon…”. You almost want to laugh at the ridiculousness of your statement, but somehow the soft moonlight only deepens your melancholy state. “I know I’m being stupid. He’s only ever seen me as a friend. He just said so today. I should be happy for him,” you return your gaze to the waves, “but I can’t be happy.”

You chuckle darkly to yourself as you realise the real reason you’ve been so unhappy about this day. “I should have just told him how I felt from the beginning.”

“Fair princess, why are you so blue?”

You jolt out of place when the sudden voice cuts through the silence. You turn and see none other than Hyung Jun standing above you.

“Hyung Jun! You startled me! What are you doing here?”
“I should be asking you the same thing. Why did you suddenly disappear?”
“I, uh, … um I just wanted to get some fresh air, that’s all.”

He kneels in the sand and stares into your eyes, a frown marring his face. You shift uncomfortably under his gaze, but his dark eyes follow your every movement. In the moonlight, his pale skin makes a sharp contrast with is dark hair, and his bangs fall into his eyes, making the expression in them unreadable.

Suddenly, your breath catches when you realise that you never heard him walk up behind you. When did he come? How long was he standing there? He, he didn’t hear anything right? You look back into his eyes, and try to decipher what might be running through his mind. You open your mouth to break the unusual silence when he suddenly leans forward and presses his lips against your mouth.

Your heart stops again.

He pulls back again before your mind can process what just happened. He looks at your shocked expression and laughs softly. “You know, it seems I was wrong. I think I might just be the smart one here.”
You continue to stare at him confusedly. He laughingly closes your mouth before continuing. “You know, I’ve liked you since day one? It took me weeks to hike up the courage to start that first conversation with you, and the best I could do was ask what the homework was.
And then I tried to get closer to you little by little. The best day ever was when I managed to ask you to come join us for karaoke that night. I was so jitterish, thinking that you might actually like me back. But when the night was over, you broke my heart when you thanked me for being such a good friend.” He sighs and looks to the castle. “I thought you only saw me as a friend and I stopped trying to impress you so much. Instead I just acted like my normal self again.” He turns back to look you in the eyes again. “The most amazing part of all of this is that you were perfectly fine with my dorky side. You didn’t lose interest, or make fun of me when I did silly things. Instead you laughed along with me and became one of my dearest friends.” He sighs and looks to the ground, “and the more I got to know you and be with you, the more I fell in love with you.”

Your heart starts beating profusely. You are in such shock from hearing this you almost wish to pinch yourself to make sure it isn’t some crazy fantasy you’ve created. Slowly, you reach out and put your hand on his cheek, and he lifts his head to look into your eyes again. Suddenly you lean forward and hug him tightly, leaning your head against his chest. You can hear his heart beating almost as fast as yours, and you whisper back “I love you too.”


You spend another few hours out there, simply leaning against each other, and talking about the past few years. He laughs nonstop when you tell him about all the times you had to force yourself not to grievously harm all the girls who came up and started flirting with him unabashedly either at university or when you were out with your friends. You blush when he tells you of how often he thought you looked pretty or sexy and he had to stop himself from just kissing you then and there. You love it when he decides to finally steal a few of those kisses.

After a while you remember the party and the entire reason why you were out on the beach in the middle of the night. “Wait, so what about JinHi? You spent the entire afternoon flirting with her. Doesn’t she want to date you now?”

“Oh that. No I never flirted with her. She has a boyfriend already.”

You sit up and stare at him incredulously. “WHAT?”

“I was going to finally try to move past my feelings for you. But before I did that I wanted to try one last thing, to see if I had managed to get you to finally like me back. I asked JinHi and Jang Pil to play along.”

“Wait so this was all a setup??”
“Yes, I wanted to see your reaction. And I almost gave up. I was hurt that you actually did try to help me get together with her instead of getting mad or jealous.”
“I was extremely jealous, but I felt I had no right to stop you.”
“My god ___ you really are dense sometimes.”
“Shut up! At least I’m not the one who tries to go around asking girls out in such stupid ways!”
“I’m pretty sure it’s obvious that when a guy asks a girl to join him for karaoke, it means that he’s interested in her.”
"It's not so obvious when your reasoning was to force me to come so that I could learn to ‘make friends with someone other than my books’! Next time, be specific!”
“Fine! Then next time I’ll tell the girl I like exactly what I want.”

“… Right… You do that.”

You both look off in opposite directions, stubbornly refusing to admit to how silly it all was. Finally, Hyung Jun turns back towards you. He holds your chin and forces you to face him. “What?” you ask irritably.

“___ will you be my happily ever after?”

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So here I am again, creating yet another blog in an attempt to find ways to make some sort of mark for myself on the everlasting interweb. And there is absolutely no one on the other side of this little rant at the moment, which actually gives me a small sense of freedom. I can type whatever comes to my mind and send it out into the vast abyss...

And I love how the only thing that comes to my mind, is the fact that I have failed to actually eat anything this morning, and now my stomach's complaints have become too loud to ignore. 

So ends my very first livejournal post. Others may or may not come. If they do, expect very little actual coherent thought, and much tangled stream of consciousness.

Now to make some ramen.

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